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Standard Out of the Box
Waterproof D600 Fabric

D600 fabric same as BBQ covers, presents both dust, waterproof & weatherproof fabric. Extremely durable and also UV resistant. An easy protective cover for the cost conscious buyer. Fabric covers require no installation experience or complex mounting procedures.

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Standard Out of the Box
Remote Control Pocket

Keep your remote safe and secure, and also protect it from water and weather by simply inserting it into the back of the fabric cover. 

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Standard Out of the Box
Looks Good

Yes. They look good don't they. Simple yet very effective. Easy and no installation required. Covers are simply removed when the TV is powered on and in use. 


Available when purchasing your TV enclosure or TV cover


D600 waterproof fabric cover. Strong, durable, reliable


Sure, enquire within and we can get someone out there to quote and install the enclosure for you

First-class quality

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Standard black, but if you need a custom colour just let us know

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