First in its class, always.

Standard Out of the Box
IR Repeater Kit

Yes, you can use the same remote control you have with the TV installed inside the enclosure but still operate it with the enclosure fully sealed and locked shut. 

Standard Out of the Box
AV Wall Mount

Easy for installers, easy for DIY enthusiasts. Nothing new to learn and no real user manual required. Mount, level and bolt in the wall.

Standard Out of the Box
On Screen Cooling Fans

Multiple custom made small fans, strip away the heat from the front cover and the front of the LCD screen. This keeps the LCD panel from going black. The on screen cooling fans maintain air flow and maintain internal ambient temperatures.

Standard Out of the Box
Provisions for Media Player

Before you install your television use this space to mount your digital signage player, set top box or dvd player. Safely keep the device waterproof and weatherproof

Standard Out of the Box
Digitally Controlled Fans

Our internal fans are controlled by a digital thermostat PCB with push button controls that allow you to adjust when the fans turn on and turn off. Temperature settings can be increased according to the environment you may be in. All enclosures come standard with this feature and a cable that sensors ambient temperature called a thermostat sensor.

Standard Out of the Box
Spirit Levelling

Makes installations much easier with the included and already installed spirit levels. Included and installed inside the enclosure this makes your TV enclosure perfectly level and straight with the wall or ground. It saves the installer from having to take their own spirit level, thus freeing up hands to install quicker.

Standard Out of the Box
Lexan Polycarbonate

This finished surface provides you with an "Anti-Reflective" front cover. Made out of 4.5mm matt finish standard on all TV enclosures. This special front panel makes the enclosures tough and safe from vandals. It also creates a nice smooth finish with no gloss or reflection when viewing the TV inside the enclosure.

Standard Out of the Box
Key Locks

Both portrait or landscape mode enclosures come with security locks, and keys. There are 2 on each enclosure. These security latches have proven to be strong and reliable.


Available when purchasing your TV enclosure or TV cover


Steel or stainless steel finishes

Digital Thermostat

Yep. Standard on all models. Never seen before in the market. Always the first.


Sure, enquire within and we can get someone out there to quote and install the enclosure for you

Hd Resolution

Our TV enclosures support all HD and FHD TV sets


Standard black, but if you need a custom colour just let us know

First-class quality

Of course. First for the TV enclosure and second for the TV cover.

High Security Standards

Our TV enclosures are currently installed in hospitals, manufacturing facilities and prisons

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