Side by Side Mounted TV's inside a single protective TV enclosure

Single door - 1 piece, full front access, mount 3 x TV's side by side inside the TV enclosure
Starting at 32" up to 65"...

If you are looking to have 3 x TV's inside enclosures mounted next to each other, then there's no need to buy 3 x seperate enclosures when we can manufacture a single enclosure that allows 3 x TV'a to be installed inside it.

Please enquire direct with us for this custom piece by emailing or call direct 0488 009 001

Custom manufactured
to your specification

Don't buy 3 seperate enclosure when you can purchase the 1 unit and install all 3 TV'a at the same time. 3 x powerboards, 3 seperate brackets and 1 easy locked full front access enclosure.

Any Colour
from 32" up to 65" in size

Front protective glass, anti-glare, bolt to the wall model. True anti-theft this model does not use an AV mount it is press fitted to the wall. All fixtures and masonry fittings are supplied in the package.

Still same Internal Thermostat
Digital Temperature Display

Once powered on, you can monitor and observe the temperature inside the enclosure. Perfect for hot days and giving insights to ensure internal electrical equipment is at a safe operating temperature.

Multiple Cooling Fans
Front and Rear Side

Overheating can cause the LCD TV to go black and cause what is known as liquid crystallisation. Fans on the front of the lid that opens and on the rear side ensure air flows but still keeps the water out.

Solid Rubber Gasket
Sealed from Water

Same gasket used inside most modern day car doors. Our TV enclosures make sure that water, dust, debris and fine particles stay out from harming your LCD TV.

3 x 1 Technical Diagrams
Download the 49" example

Please go to the following link and download the 3x1 side by side enclosure 49" model

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