Modular Free Standing Base Plates
Convert your Wall Mounted Octopus TV Enclosure to a Free Standing Unit.
Compatible and direct bolt on design

Built by demand. Simply bolt to ground and power up. Free standing enclosures are perfect for any commercial digital signage project. 

Engineered & Ready to Install Enclosure Base Plate

Fully engineered base plate ready to bolt to the ground and install. Run power and other cable up through the base plate. Connect the enclosure on the top

Rear Side Installation Handles

Rear side installation & carry handles can be removed after installation or left on as required. Makes it easy to lift on top of the base plate and install safely.

Matt Finish 4.5mm Polycarb
No Reflection, Anti-Glare

Suits a majority of commercial TV screens at least 700 nits plus. We highly recommend using at least 1500 nits or higher like the Samsung, LG, Phillips products that offer 2500 nit window displays

Double Key Locks
Front side Access

The TV supplied and installed inside the TV enclosure remains tightly under guard whilst safely in operation. Full front access makes it easy to install or remove the TV inside the enclosure

Heavy Duty Layout
Built to Perform. Built to Succeed.

Forget the competitor. If you are looking for a true commercial TV enclosure that's been designed and engineered like the image you see then contact us to make your purchase.

Air Conditioning
Module (Optional Add-On)

Octopus offer a side mounted 200BTU up to 500BTU air conditioning (a/c) module supplied, fitted and installed. This product allows the enclosure and the contents inside the enclosure to remain cool and protected in very hot climates. Perfect for IP65 applications and those in mining sites.

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