HB (High Bright) Sunlight Readable
2500nit Commercial Displays
by Samsung
Starting from 42"up to 55", 65" & 75"

Don't settle for average. Make sure you make the right decision. And that is the NEW daylight, high bright sunlight readable commercial monitor by Samsung. Extremely competitive on price, don't hesitate to call or email now.

Pre-installation available. Octopus will ship you the protective TV enclosure with the Samsung HB monitor fully installed.
Note: these are not IP rated they are designed to be installed inside an IP rated enclosure.

2500 nit Sunlight Readable, Window Display, High Bright LCD panel by Samsung

A raw Samsung open frame monitor with HDMI and other inputs, we supply this monitor ready to use inside the Octopus commercial TV enclosures. Don't purchase a regular TV and just settle for 500nit display with viewing only available in the late evening and night. Use the proper 2500nit daylight display for viewing 24/7 regardless of the outdoor lighting.

LCD vs LED HD, FHD or 4k

For displays that are < less than 98" the correct solution is LCD not LED RGB. RGB displays are great for outdoors but less than 100's they cannot achieve HD, FHD or 4k. They are low resolution and the display is 'scaled' using the display processor or main head end unit. If you want to upload your images or video correctly in FHD or 4k and you need a monitor that does this in sunlight then contact us directly on the number below.

Technical Diagrams Supplied

If you need technical specifications, parameters about the monitors we can supply them for you like the image on the left. All displays come with VESA mount 400*400 or 600*400 and ready to install. 

Bezel Free OR Open Frame Explained

Most digital high bright sunlight readable displays do not have a bezel which is why we refer them as 'open-frame'. You don't need a bezel or case when it's installed inside the enclosure. Our high bright displays are like this, and when installed inside the enclosure, the enclosure itself acts as the bezel as it has it's own frame and housing truly making the end result a turn key outdoor TV.

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