Welcome to our indoor protective TV overlay kits from 42" up to 75" models

Is your TV getting damaged OR items thrown at it? Sick of buying a new television every-time?

We've had an increasing demand for a simple and very easy to use protective TV cover. One that can be installed quickly and requires no professional assistance to do so. Kids with disabilities or those mentally challenged have been prone to braking TV's regularly.  And it's not just them, it's most active, excited and happy kids who love to brake things at home!!

Therefore we have designed a retro-fit indoor protective TV overlay kit to solve this ongoing problem.

32", 42", 50", 55" 65" & 75" Protective overlay kit available now

Clear Cover
Operate TV as normal

Easy to cover the front face of your TV and still operate the TV as normal. It has very little reduction in performance because of the cover, once installed and after 1-2min you get very used to the cover being over the TV.

Easy Rear Straps
Meaning a simple & quick installation

Simply attach the front protective overlay kit to your TV, then from the top and the bottom you can simply attach the straps to each other, join them and tighten them firmly. Giving the front cover over the TV a firm and secure installation.

Thin & Smooth, Clear
Front Viewing Panel

Sits very close to the TV, but not too close thus still allowing ventilation. Yet if something was thrown at the TV it will absorb the impact of the object and not damage the LCD panel behind it.

Indoor Protective Overlay Kit Specifications Table

ItemDescriptionModel No.Dimensions of product
L x W x D mm
Pricing (RRP & Wholesale) Ex Gst
1432" Indoor Protective Overlay Kit (Polycarbonate, clear finish, 4.5mm)IPOK-32770 * 470mm180
1543" Indoor Protective Overlay Kit (Polycarbonate, clear finish, 4.5mm)IPOK-421000 * 600mm255
1650" Indoor Protective Overlay Kit (Polycarbonate, clear finish, 4.5mm)IPOK-501155 * 690mm310
1755" Indoor Protective Overlay Kit (Polycarbonate, clear finish, 4.5mm)IPOK-551270 * 750mm394
1865" Indoor Protective Overlay Kit (Polycarbonate, clear finish, 4.5mm)IPOK-651485 * 880mm505
1975" Indoor Protective Overlay Kit (Polycarbonate, clear finish, 4.5mm)IPOK-751710 * 990mm665
2086" Indoor Protective Overlay Kit (Polycarbonate, clear finish, 4.5mm)IPOK-861940 * 1110mm800

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