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Purposely built simple indoor enclosure with power-board and just 1 x fan.
Surface or recess mount.

Designed for indoors only, keeping the enclosure simple and keeping costs down. Super lightweight from aluminum design and providing the user for a recess or wall mounted solution.

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Standard Matt Finish
Front Viewing Panel

Each enclosure fully installed with safe, shock and vandal proof matt finish front polycarbonate allowing ZERO reflection from outside objects. 

Articulating Push in, Push out
AV Mount

Finally you can adjust the TVs position inside the enclosure so it can sit close to the front viewing OR further away. You can also take off the front panel and now pull the TV forward and access any input ports with ease. When finished simple push the TV back in and adjust it to the perfect viewing position.

1 x Piece Magnetic Fan
For heat extraction

Simple and quite 1 piece magnetic fan. USB plug style power so you can leave it on to push the hot air out OR leave it plugged in to keep things cool. Magnetic cooling fans are great way you can remove the fan because you dont need it or because it needs servicing. Either way this is so smart....!!!

Designed with Simplicity in Mind
And so easy to install

Easily open the front protective cover and access the push in, push out articulating AV mount. Convenient 4 point power board along with the simple 1 x piece fan for heat dissipation.

Specifically Designed
& Engineered

The new indoor enclosure has been designed and constructed in lightweight aluminium, this means its 30% less than mild steel and very easy to relocate or install.

Technical Diagrams
Download Them

Please go to the following page to download all the diagrams from 32" up to 82" Octopus LCD TV Enclosures

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