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Waterproof IP56 & IP65 Certified.
Impact Resistant IK10 Certified.
Select from 32" up to 98"...

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4000 RPM Fan Speed
Like the jets on an airplane. Experience the wind tunnel inside our TV enclosures

Here is a video showing you the full speed of our new jet powered fans. Most models have more than 6 of these installed. Giving you direct insight to how well thought out these metal enclosures are. We've also taken on board alot of feedback from clients whom have requested more cooling due the harsh Australian outdoors.

32":  6 fans on back side & 3 fans on bottom side & 2 locks & 2 handles     
43":  6 fans on back side & 4 fans on bottom side & 2 locks & 2 handles          
50":  6 fans on back side & 5 fans on bottom side & 3 locks & 2 handles               
55":  6 fans on back side & 5 fans on bottom side & 3 locks & 4 handles               
65":  6 fans on back side & 6 fans on bottom side & 4 locks & 4 handles               
75":  6 fans on back side & 7 fans on bottom side & 4 locks & 4 handles

3 in 1, Landscape Mode = Default
Rotate for portrait mode OR mount onto FS Series Base Plate

Our modular design makes this enclosure the ultimate 3 in 1. So good, that our competitor will like this feature better than you!!! Rubber plugs cover the bolt holes, so no water enters in when not in use, but when removed the enclosure can be placed onto our FS series base plate

And transform the enclosure into a free standing totem. 

If you are going to wall mount in portrait, all you need to do is turn the enclosure 90 degrees to the left. Then rotate the built in modular internal bracket. Done!!!

Built in IR Port
Operate TV with Lid Closed

Another classic well thought of advanced feature. Operate the LCD TV you installed inside each Octopus TV Enclosure, lock the front access lid and still use the remote control to turn the TV on/off and or change channels.

Internal Thermostat LCD
Digital Temperature Display

Once powered on, you can monitor and observe the temperature inside the enclosure. Perfect for hot days and giving insights to ensure internal electrical equipment is at a safe operating temperature.

Standard Matt Finish
Front Viewing Panel

Each enclosure fully installed with safe, shock and vandal proof matt finish front polycarbonate allowing ZERO reflection from outside objects. 

Convenient Carry
Handles. Simplify Installation

In true commercial spirit, each enclosure fully equipped with side carry handles. This makes installation much easier. It shows the attention to the professionally designed enclosure and consideration to the installers who chose our product over the others on the market.

Full Front Access
Double Gas Struts

Easily open the front protective cover to access your supplied TV and any other media player inside the enclosure by unlocking and keeping the lid open without the need for another set of hands. Convenient GAS struts keep the lid open for as long as you need.

Specifically Designed
& Engineered

A fit for purpose careful sheet metal fabrication ensures product satisfactorily accepts a majority of flat screen LCD TV's. Built in horizontal mount, spirit levelling and internal fans

AV Wall Mount Rated 100kg
OR Bolt to the Wall

Our LCD TV enclosures have been well thought out from an "installers" perspective. That's because we install product too. And making it easy is super important. Ask us about the standard AV wall mount that can be supplied OR simply bolt the enclosure for true ANTI-THEFT to the wall

From 9 upwards to 16 Multiple Cooling Fans
Front and Rear Side from 32" up to 86"

Overheating can cause the LCD TV to go black and cause what is known as liquid crystallisation. Fans on the front of the lid that opens and on the rear side ensure air flows but still keeps the water out.

Ingress Protection - IP65 Front and
IP56 Rear Side

Ingress Protection levels designed for making sure your supplied TV is safe but also doesn't overheat. Overheating can cause the LCD TV to go black and cause what is known as liquid crystallisation. Fans on the front of the lid that opens and on the rear side ensure air flows but still keeps the water out.

Solid Rubber Gasket
Sealed from Water

Same gasket used inside most modern day car doors. Our TV enclosures make sure that water, dust, debris and fine particles stay out from harming your LCD TV.

Air Conditioning
Module (Optional Add-On)

Octopus offer a side mounted 200BTU up to 500BTU air conditioning (a/c) module supplied, fitted and installed. This product allows the enclosure and the contents inside the enclosure to remain cool and protected in very hot climates. Perfect for IP65 applications and those in mining sites.

Protective Outdoor/Indoor TV Enclosures Specifications Table

ItemDescriptionModel No.Dimensions of product
L x W x D mm
(exclude carry handle)
Dimensions of package
L x W x H mm
132inch enclosure (4000rpm fans)IPXOTE-32860.4*554.8*160.0mm1080*375*795mm2740Please enquire by email or phone
243inch enclosure (4000rpm fans)IPXOTE-431102.9*691.3*160.0mm1257*324*966mm3856Please enquire by email or phone
350inch enclosure (4000rpm fans)IPXOTE-501259.8*780.4*160.0mm1414*324*1054mm4567Please enquire by email or phone
455inch enclosure (4000rpm fans)IPXOTE-551378.0*847.5*160.0mm1532*324*1122mm5075Please enquire by email or phone
565inch enclosure (4000rpm fans)IPXOTE-651608.5*983.5*160.0mm1793*324*1258mm70105Please enquire by email or phone
675inch enclosure (4000rpm fans)IPXOTE-751829.7*1107.9*160.0mm1984*324*1382mm89128Please enquire by email or phone
786inch enclosure (4000rpm fans)IPXOTE-862052*1233*170.0mmTBCPlease enquire by email or phone

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