Custom Underside IP56 Soundbar Enclosures

Add a Soundbar Enclosure for your external audio by attaching it to your TV Enclosure

Modular, and easy to attach to the underside of your outdoor or indoor TV enclosure

1 size soundbar enclosure fits all model TV enclosures

Comes in the same paint finish as the enclosure itself (silver/black hammertone paint) with a stainless steel perforated sheeting, for the audio output

Easy to Install
Protects the external audio

Attach to the underside of the TV enclosure. Comes painted and complete and looks very professional plus it comes with the 2mm stainless steel grille for audio output.

2mm Stainless Steel
Perforated Sheeting

Front cover where the audio comes out is 2mm holes made from stainless steel perforated sheeting. Looks amazing and performs as expected, uninterrupted sound quality. It is rated IP56 and protects from bugs, insects, spiders and other creatures. 

Super lightweight
Installs in < 1 hour

Position this perfectly under the TV enclosure, and make necessary screws or bolts to fix to the bottom of the enclosure. 

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IP56 Rated

IP65 Rated

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