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Can you please explain to me what is IK10?

IK10 is a rating that measures the impact resistance of a product. It is typically used to rate the durability of electrical enclosures, such as outdoor TV enclosures, and is expressed as a number on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest level of impact resistance. The IK rating system is based on the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) standard for mechanical impact testing, which measures the ability of a product to withstand impact from a falling object.

In general, a higher IK rating indicates that a product is more resistant to damage from impact. For outdoor TV enclosures, an IK10 rating means that the enclosure is able to withstand a high level of impact and is suitable for use in harsh or high-traffic environments. It’s worth noting that the IK rating system only measures impact resistance and does not take into account other factors such as the enclosure’s ability to protect against water, wind, or other weather conditions.


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