Introducing our high grade, custom supplied & pre-installed 10mm thick polycarbonate

Practically Unbreakable. Extremely Strong.
So hard to bend or curve.
Shock Proof & Shock Resistant.

Using the 10mm still offers a very similar viewing performance of the TV inside the enclosure. Although the 10mm polycarbonate option is NOT a matt finish it is gloss but the TV behind it looks very good.

So many advantages and applications to date: NSW Police, Children's Court of VIC, Department of Corrections, Majority of NDIS patients, Gymnasiums and Golf Courses. 

The 10mm style of polycarbonate is extremely durable and will last a lifetime. 


Extremely Durable & Heavy Duty
Super Strong

When we install the 10mm sheeting you can feel how strong and robust this piece of plastic really is. It's very hard to even get a slight bend on the sheet due to its density and hardness. If you are searching for a virtually unbreakable piece of protective front panel for your enclosure let us know and we can price to install it prior to shipping the enclosure to you.

Ready to go
Pre-installed in our warehouse

Once the order is confirmed, we need approximately 2 weeks to prepare the material, prepare the enclosure and cut the sheet to size. Then we will install the polycarbonate for you and pack the enclosure ready for delivery.

Specialty Industries
Front Viewing Panel

Most of the requests we have for this particular 'virtually unbreakable' application include the Police, Public Court Houses, Mental Health Institutions, Half way homes, NDIS patients, Department of Corrections and so many more.

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