Terms & Conditions

Our terms are supply only, not supply and install.

Our company does not come to site for site inspections, quotations or provide installation services unless it is requested by email and accepted by email.

All transactions are 100% payment upfront, with no exception to this rule. Goods will not leave our warehouse until full payment is cleared.

I/We have checked this product is fit for purpose and confirm this by accepting the terms prior to making payment.

I/We understand that shipping lead times is the time it takes to get the product from our warehouse to your address.

I/We understand that the shipping lead times are not from the time you placed the order. Rather it is the time taken only once the courier has come to collect the goods from our warehouse or dispatch location.

I/We agree once the order is placed it cannot be stopped and refunded because you changed your mind.

I/We agree once the order is shipped it cannot be refunded only exchanged. If you request a refund then you must pay for the shipping back to our warehouse.

I/We agree a refund can only occur if the product is damaged, faulty or the incorrect item was ordered and you need a different model.

I/We agree you cannot refund the item because you changed your mind or made a mistake on measurements.

I/We agree that prior to ordering the product from the website I/We checked all dimensions and measurements prior to ordering. You cannot request a refund if you made a mistake but you can request an exchange for a different size enclosure or cover or another product to the same or lesser value.

I/We agree part of the terms is that we confirm the following:

Octopus business has sold you goods and guarantee that those goods:

  • are of acceptable quality – the goods must be safe, lasting, have no faults, look acceptable and do all the things someone would normally expect them to do
  • are fit for any purpose that the consumer made known to the business before buying (either expressly or by implication), or the purpose for which the business said it would be fit for
  • have been accurately described
  • match any sample or demonstration model
  • satisfy any express warranty
  • have a clear title, unless you otherwise advise the consumer before the sale
  • come with undisturbed possession, so no one has the right to take the goods away from or to prevent the consumer from using them
  • are free from any hidden securities or charges
  • have spare parts and repair facilities reasonably available for a reasonable period of time, unless the consumer is advised otherwise.

We confirm if you the customer complains to you about a purchased good and demands a remedy, our business is legally obliged to provide the appropriate remedy under the consumer guarantees provisions of the ACL.

We confirm that as Manufacturers and importers guarantee that our goods:

  • are of acceptable quality
  • have been accurately described
  • satisfy any manufacturer’s express warranty
  • have spare parts and repair facilities reasonably available for a reasonable period of time, unless the consumer is advised otherwise.


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