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Looking for an IP65 solution? Heavy dust environment? Is your TV OR other electrical equipment overheating?

Octopus LCD TV Enclosures supply a bolt on A/C module that provides from 200BTU up to 500BTU of cooling for your TV inside our enclosure. The A/C unit is a commercial industrial grade appliance in stainless and designed to protect internal electrical components.

A/C Stainless Module
For Protecting customer supplied internal electrical components

When purchasing an octopus LCD TV Enclosure you can ask us about an IP65 solution with our A/C module plugged, preinstalled, supplied and fitted. This ensures your electrical equipment inside each enclosure is cool and in the manufacturer 'safe' operating temperature.

We calculate which one is best
200BTU, 500BTU?

Give us the details of your project and we will design an air conditioned solution for you. You might have a direct sunlight application, maybe a heavy dust manufacturing plant, a low air mining site OR maybe it's a high heat environment. 

Bolts On
Side or Rear Mounted

Just like the image to the right, we can install the A/C module add-on to the side or the rear. Depending if the enclosure is single sided, double sided and how it is mounted to the wall.

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